1990: Alastair Thompson

Talks about playing in the MUD online.

1997: Alastair Thompson

About the origin of the Scoop.co.nz site.

1998: Alastair Thompson

On how the web changed the breaking news cycle in politics.

2004: Alastair Thompson

Talks about political leaks via the Internet.

2002: Andrew Hamilton

About fostering innovation and how the Internet helps.

1989: Andy, Don & Mark

Remember their first encounters with this Internet thing.

2008: Anthony Gardiner

Talks about harnessing social media.

2008: Barri Dullabh

About how the Internet changes learning for his class.

1989: Brenda Leeuwenberg

On finding someone to discuss sheep reproduction with.

1997: Brenda Leeuwenberg

Talks about the formation and purpose of Webgrrls.

2006: Brenda Leeuwenberg

About NZ On Screen and archiving Kiwi video content online

1999: Brendan Smyth

About the effect downloading had on the music industry.

2006: Brendan Smyth

The second lease of life for the music video thanks to the Internet.

1996: Chris Thompson

On the "start up" dotcom environment at early Xtra.

1997: Chris Thompson

Talks about the rapid growth of the ISP market.

1999: Chris Thompson

On early online businesses being ahead of the market.

1990: Colin Jackson

Discusses working towards the future he saw in 1990.

1991: Colin Jackson

Talks about the first Government Web Server (1994).

1994: Colin Jackson

Talks about the Internet Society of NZ and domain names.

1995: Colin Jackson

Talks open source and the success of the Internet.

2003: David ten Have

Talks about technology cycles online.

2009: David ten Have

Using the Internet to make real stuff offline with Ponoko.

2010: Debbie Monahan

Discusses macrons and Māori domain names.

1995: Don Stokes

Talks about the Ruapehu Volcano webcam.

2009: Duncan Blair

About the origin and success of Orcon's Iggy campaign.

2006: Eddy Helm & Jade Tang

Talk about yMedia working with creative youth.

2003: Geoff Munn

Talks about the role of government web standards.

2005: Geoff Ross

Talks about the success of the 42 Below viral videos.

2004: Glenn Williams

Talks about using the Internet for live radio.

1993: Greer McDonald

Talks meeting online friends offline & how we've come to embrace it.

2004: Greer McDonald

Discusses professional vs amateur bloggers.

1991: Helen & Chelfyn Baxter

Talk about the definition of a Geek.

2006: Helen & Chelfyn Baxter

About the 90/9/1 rule of producing and consuming.

2009: Helen & Chelfyn Baxter

Talk about using online tools to produce offline media.

1992: Jack Yan

Talks about being dubious on first encounter with the Internet.

1993: Jack Yan

Jack Yan talks about realising the power of online publishing.

2001: Jacob Briars

About the Internet opened up the world of cocktails to New Zealand.

2008: Jade Tang & Eddy Helm

About the role of social media in the business space.

1991: Jane Hornibrook

Talks about Creative Commons licensing.

2002: Jessica Williams

Talks about misinformation and politics online.

1991: Jo Eaton

About her first Internet connection and the man who made it possible.

1998: John Eyles

Talks about doing well with the technology we have at hand.


2007: John Eyles

Digital Natives and changes in education due to the Internet.

1989: John Houlker

Describes the day the Internet arrived - with no manual.

1992: John Houlker

Describes what the poison from New Zealand is.

1999: Jon Macdonald

Talks about how the "BBQ effect" helped Trade Me succeed.

2003: Jon MacDonald

About the technical charges running a 24/7 web business.

2007: Kris Lane

The problem with social network sites and identity development.

2005: Lani Treur

About serving business customers over the Internet.

2000: Luke Nicholas

Talks his dotcom boom and bust experience.

2008: Luke Nicholas

Talks about promoting a business via social media.

2010: Marie Shroff

The Privacy Commissioner discusses liaising with foreign privacy organisations.

2003: Matt Vickers

Talks about professional web development.

2009: Matthew Holloway

Talks about the Blackout campaign and Section 92A.

2004: Mauricio Freitas

About how Geekzone grew out of a personal project.

2007: Mauricio Freitas

Talks about people getting fired for leaking online.

2001: Michael Gregg

About how the Internet opened up digital trade routes for business.

2005: Mike Riversdale

Tells us what the "cloud" is and why it's useful.

2001: Mike Roan

How the Internet opened up the local energy market.

2000: Miki Szikszai

Talks WAP and No. 8 wire ingenuity.

2007: Nathalie Whitaker

Talks about Gen-Y and charitable giving online.

2002: Nigel Hammersley

On word of mouth becoming social media.

1992: Peter Harrison

On BBSes and the pre-Internet in New Zealand.

2003: Peter Harrison

Talks about what Open Source means.

2010: Philip Fierlinger

Discusses Xero and cloud-based software.

1989: Prof. John Hine

On the need to overcome the tyranny of distance.

2005: Richard MacManus

Talks about the second coming of the web.

2004: Richard MacManus

Talks about the origins of Readwriteweb.

1990: Richard Ram

Remembers when the email was checked once a day.

1996: Robyn Gallagher

Talks about making her first website.

1997: Robyn Gallagher

Talks blogging before blogs.

1999: Roger Shepherd

On how the net has sped up the turnaround of producing and distributing music.

1990: Russell Brown

Discusses his first encounters with Newsgroup discussions.

1993: Russell Brown

About finding the Internet in the pages of Mondo 2000 and Wired.

1995: Russell Brown

Talks the personalities of the ISP wars.

1996: Russell Brown

On his experience covering the Internet for mainstream media.

2000: Steve O'Connor

Talks about watching the dotcom crash from afar.

2005: Steve O'Connor

Talks about the role of business incubators such as Creative HQ.

2010: Vikram Kumar

Discusses the improving broadband story in 2010.

2010: Vikram Kumar

On increasing government regulations of the internet.

1994: Vincent Heeringa

On when the Internet was just on the one computer in the corner.

1998: Vincent Heeringa

Talks user generated content and journalism.

2002: Vincent Heeringa

Talks about dealing with anonymous commenters online.

2001: William Cass

Talks about deciding to be a web mediated business from day one.


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