Russell Brown – Blogger and Media Commentator, Public Address/Media 7

“I’d become aware of the Internet when I was living in London. I’d become quite keen on a magazine called Mondo 2000 which was a predecessor to Wired and I’d found that really exciting. It was that odd thing of thinking that the Internet sounded really good but not really knowing quite what it looked like or what it did. And then when I came back to New Zealand in 1991 a guy called David Merritt used to come up to the Planet magazine offices and I was editing Planet at the time. He said, “We’ll make you a node on the World Wide Web!”. I didn’t know what that was but it sounded good. I don’t think it ever got to that much although we had a bit of a look on the Internet. I think 1993 at a seminar at Auckland University was the first time and I think I was online by the end of that year.”


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