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Project Credits

Down to the Wire is a permanent resource for New Zealand that tells the story of how the Internet has shaped Kiwi lives. Not just over the past 21 years, but in the future too. We look forward to evolving both past and future chapters with your contributions.

Thanks must go to...

Thanks go to the many people who have helped make Down to the Wire the site you see before you. To everyone who gave up their time to share their stories on video and who made contributions to the site over the last weeks – without you, Down to the Wire would not be what it is.

Down to the Wire was devised, developed, filmed, written and produced in its entirety by the team at Heyday. Thanks to them all, the core project team was:

  • Creative Director: Luke Pierson
  • Technical Director: Shane Garelja
  • Project Manager: Michael Enoka
  • Project Lead and PR: Nick Allan
  • Project Lead, Interviewer and Writer: Thomas Scovell
  • Developer: Pieter Vanderwerff
  • Developer: Cameron Spiers
  • Site design and headline design: Leigh Bardsley
  • Camera 1, Madeline and Voxpop editing: Aaron McMinn
  • Camera 2 and Voxpop editing: Woody Hay
  • EDM Coordinator: Shevonne David
  • Project Coordinator: Bryony Puketapu


The videos were presented by Madeleine Sami, who wrote her own script and created her own characters.

Assistance on location

  • Josephine Stone
  • Carl Moleta - additional camera on '1989' roundtable
  • Brett Saunders - sound on '1989' roundtable
  • Liz Grimshaw - make-up for Madeleine
  • Gear from Rubber Monkey
  • Meridian Energy
  • 42 Below
  • Matthew Yardley at The Library Bar, Wellington
  • Sophie and her flatmates at the live-in film set in Mt Cook
  • Taina & Tempe
  • Lauren and Truby King House

Storyteller Credits

So many people helped us by providing stories, suggestions for others to talk to and events to include. The following people, we managed to convince to step in front of the camera:





Additional thanks

Thanks to everyone that has told a friend or colleague about this project because they were as excited about it as us.

Flying Nun deserve major thanks for really making this a party with 21-days of free music.

Thanks to Social Media Club Wellington for letting us present to launch the project and thanks to for advertising it across their network of awesome properties. And to great local music site Cheese on Toast for advertising the Flying Nun track downloads. And the Big Idea creative community for their support.

Statistics for the site were complied by Keith Newman, the author of the authoritative history of the Internet in New Zealand – Connecting the Clouds.

Thanks Sian Hoskins for editing the text for each and every chapter.

Thomas Scovell


Down to the Wire is a story that evolves with your memories and contributions so please contribute personal anecdotes, key events and web resources you think others might find useful.

If you know of a good web resource with more information give us the http://www and we'll include it.
Remember something interesting from the year? Give us a quick story!
If you know of any significant event that you think we should mention - give us the details and we'll include it.
If you know someone who tells a great, kiwi Internet related, yarn - let us know who and we'll get in touch to ask them about appearing in a video.
Any general thoughts on the project? Likes or dislikes, let us know how we can evolve the site to be the best resource.

Add a Website of the Year

Down to the Wire is a story that evolves with your memories and contributions. Let us know what you think were the exciting local websites of the year.

Even on the Internet space is limited so we can't mention every site, but we'll do our best to include your suggestion if you tell us why.