Jane Hornibrook – Public Lead, Creative Commons Aotearea New Zealand

“Creative Commons is an international movement towards open licensing and licensing is based on the copyright you hold, so when you put a licence on your copyright, you are basically telling people what they can and can’t do with your work. Creative Commons is a really great trademark and brand which lots of people use to mark their work and which lots of people recognise and so they can easily see the symbols and know what they can and can’t do. There are lots of different reasons why someone might like to open up their work for re-use online. It could be creative reasons. You might like your fans or your community to share your work because you want to get your ideas out there and get some credit back for what you’re doing and spread your name. If you’re a musician or a commercial artist, you might have a business model where you are encouraging people to remix and use your work and share it around for free while giving them the opportunity to also buy CDs or vinyls or electronic files of your work. Or you might be selling merchandise on top of that or doing lots of tours and gigs. So you’re using the ‘freeness’ to build the base and then having commercial opportunities on top of that. There are also a lot of institutions and public sector organisations or agencies related to government which would like to open up the copyright for re-use because it is publicly funded or it’s for the community good. So therefore, it’s a really good thing if people are allowed to legally share their work. Creative Commons supports a remix culture so if you would like to combine different files together –so perhaps video and music or image and music or image and video – then Creative Commons’ licences applied to people’s work out there on the Internet, legally allow you to do that without any problems, as long as you follow the terms. So the licences are really good and a safe way of remixing and putting your remixes out there and knowing that you’re not going to get into trouble and upset someone.”


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