Matt Vickers – Business Analyst/Developer,

“I just did it for fun. I threw up a couple of pages of writing just to see if anyone was interested... and for the most part people weren’t but it was still a good learning exercise. Even when I got out of university and went and started at a job here in Wellington for an agency, I wasn’t convinced that there was much of a career in it. It wasn’t the main channel. It wasn’t the way that people were reaching an audience. They were still obsessed with TV and all the traditional media so I wasn’t sure it was for me. Even as late as 2004, I decided to try something else and see if there was something else worth doing. And I went into public relations. I thought it would be quite cerebral, it would be quite scheming and interesting. I mean you’ve seen Stephen Fry Absolute Power. I’m sure it’s not like that but... you have these ideas. And all I ended up doing there was Web. That’s all that they did and that’s what they wanted me to concentrate on and I realised, “Hang on, this thing’s for real because I’m in a completely different industry and it’s not completely weird, but that’s where they’re heading and that’s what they’re doing”. And I thought, “Well if I’m going to do the Web then I want to do it somewhere that’s focused on Web”. So that’s what I ended up doing.”



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