Richard MacManus – Founder & CEO, ReadWriteWeb

“I think the main factor was that everybody can contribute content to the Web now, everybody can upload a video to YouTube or sign up to Facebook. It’s much more of a democratic medium now. A lot of the earlier ideas were silly ideas that were never going to get popular just because not enough people were going to use them. Now everybody uses the Web, everybody carries around a mobile phone and smart phones are becoming as time goes by. The Web has become ubiquitous and there are a lot more business opportunities on the Web and also, of course, traditional bricks and mortar businesses are moving to the Web. Virtually every business these days has a Web presence, some kind of a connection to the Internet. That’s another reason why this boom has lasted.”


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Down to the Wire is a story that evolves with your memories and contributions. Let us know what you think were the exciting local websites of the year.

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