Anthony Gardiner – Social Media Integration Consultant, Skinny Marketing

“I was accused of being an Internet celebrity for a while there. I had a spare wedding ring which I didn’t need anymore so I gave it away on Twitter using a treasure hunt. Shit got crazy for a week there. I had news crews turning up at my house, BBC World rang me, I had friends in every continent get it touch with me and say they’d just heard my interview on BBC or CNN, friends in Vietnam, Belgium, India, my cousin was sitting down to dinner in Denver in the States with his girlfriend and spat his dinner all over the floor when he saw me on TV.

It was certainly a crazy, crazy few weeks for me and, at the end of it, nothing had really changed. It was like a Quentin Tarantino movie had taken over my life for a couple of weeks. All this crazy stuff happened but at the end of it, I just went “Huh? What the hell was that?” and my life hadn’t changed at all.”



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