Richard Ram – General Manager, Reactive 

“So when I was working at Flying Nun, I’d just got email. Email was just starting. And I basically said to Flying Nun, “We should get email”. Roger was honestly faxing hundreds of pages all over the world and their international toll bill was huge. I was saying, “Let’s start sending email”. And at that time, I’d started to talk to Mushroom Records in Australia and they’d gone onto CompuServe. And I think Simon Grigg was on CompuServe for a while and so, Mushroom Records came up with this idea, “Ok, we’re going to put Roger on CompuServe and he’ll be able to email us – batch the emails up and he can send them over once a day”. And I was saying, “What? What do you mean ‘once a day’?” And they said, ‘Well that’s how we’re going to do it. Once a day”. And I just thought, “Ahh ok”. But it made me laugh. You forget that that wasn’t that long ago. But if you’d told someone that, you know you’d just be saying, “What do you mean once a day?”.”


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