Roger Shepherd – Flying Nun Records 

“With Flying Nun, obviously the Internet and the World Wide Web is really significant to what we want to do. We’ve always been a label that’s had a strong fanbase and mail order has always been a big part of what we do. Now, rather than people writing to us, they want to connect with us online. So the whole process of interacting with our customers has speeded up – it’s a lot more efficient – there are still trips to the post office if they buy something physical. Robert Scott made the observation the other day – we’ve just released the new album by him and he was one of the original artists that we work with in the early ‘80s – that releasing an album is so much of a quicker process these days. The master can be sent online, the artwork files can be sent instantly, bios and promos are all sent instantly or shared spontaneously. So there are a lot of efficiencies and the whole process can be sped up a great deal, a lot less paper, a lot less packaging and fortunately fewer stamps. It’s quite a different world but we’re doing the same things. Everything’s so much simpler, streamlined and nice and shiny.”


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