Eddy Helm - Managing Director, yMedia

Eddy: “I think both with the challenge and with our own working lives, we see that there is value in using Social Media but not to say nothing. It’s like any communication channel – you’ve got to have a reason for being there and a message to communicate and you’ve got to get that nutted out and nailed or that big idea sorted before you even try and get into the playground and push it out. We’re big advocates for using Social Media in the right context – not for using it just to be there, just to say that you’re there – and making sure that when you are there that the messages that you’re putting out are valuable and that you’re communicating to an audience that’s relevant to you and the messages that you’re putting out there.”

Jade Tang - Art Director and Connector, yMedia

Jade: “In effect, you are your own channel. You are a media channel and there is a lot of noise online so you’re wanting to add value and obviously have a conversation. We’ve made various networks and really good relationships via Social Media but again, as Eddy said, you don’t want to just be there and say nothing.”


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