Greer McDonald – Social Media Editor and Blogger,

“A lot of people say, “You’re not really a blogger because you can’t really put your opinions across because you’re still constrained by the rules of the company you work for”. I don’t think there is a real difference. I think there are a lot of rebellious bloggers in New Zealand who think they are doing a great service to the Internet and the world by breaking simple laws, so obviously I am constrained by that. But all bloggers, whether they are paid for it and linked with a corporate company or just at home doing it, are still bound by the same defamation laws. So I don’t think there’s a great difference. I don’t get paid to blog personally but it is part of my job description so essentially I do it in work time. The upshot is that I get paid for it in a way, whereas Joe Bloggs at home maybe doesn’t make a living from it.”



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