Helen Baxter - Managing Director, Mohawk Media

“To me, a geek is someone who’s passionate about something. It can be anything. It can be fishing or collecting or hacking or coding or whatever it is. It’s that attitude really. It’s that passionate engrossment in something that you love and the desire to share your passion with other people. But there’s quite a lot of debate about where ‘geek’ becomes ‘nerd’.” 

Chelfyn Baxter - Creative Director, Mohawk Media

“I think with computer geekery especially, it just used to be that computers were seen as something only particularly geeky people did. But after a while, once you realise that the games consoles that people have been playing with for years, they’re not a million miles away. They really are just a computer, shock horror. I think a lot of people started realising that as they started using computers at work and the whole culture started spreading throughout society, that it was no longer some strange, nerdy thing to do – something that empowers everybody and it’s a world that we just become part of. And once you’re no longer a tiny minority, there’s nothing wrong with just sticking your head above the parapet and saying, “It’s me, I’m here”.”



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