Kris Lane – Alt

“I actually think that the scarier things are the Facebooks and the Bebos and all of those sort of things where you’ve constructed your online persona and you don’t actually have that chance when you’re moving from primary school to high school to reinvent yourself – or moving to a new city. As soon as you have this online profile, you’ve already built up this understanding of people and how they know how to treat you and whether you’re a jock or a nerd. That’s set in stone. XXXXX(0:34) and the anonymous thing is a really interesting way... people can experiment with their own identity but I don’t think that people are actually getting the ability to experiment with their identity anymore because they’re growing up with a whole form of ‘This is who I am, this is how I act’ and there’s no chance to actually reboot your own personality.

The teenage years are actually all about figuring out who you are and all of those sorts of things and it isn’t so easy to delete all of your likes or your friends or your wall posts or anything like that. You are the product that Facebook is selling so they don’t exactly want you to recontextualise yourself as going from a New Zealand music-loving person through to pseudo country, old country.”


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