Vincent Heeringa – Publisher, Idealog 

“I think we have been reasonably late to the whole user-generated content experience and partly that’s historical. As journalists you have a certain pride that you’re a storyteller and your job is to tell the stories. We have this view that everyone’s got a story inside – but most of the time that’s where it should stay. As it’s turned out, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr... it’s really taught us professional journalists a lesson that we aren’t the only ones that tell stories and have an opinion that can be published. And now we take a view that everything is open and everything is free. So StopPress, which has been a really successful brand extension out of Marketing magazine, the best part of the site are the comments. That’s because our readers are really well-informed and are often telling us things that we didn’t know as journalists.”


Down to the Wire is a story that evolves with your memories and contributions so please contribute personal anecdotes, key events and web resources you think others might find useful.

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Down to the Wire is a story that evolves with your memories and contributions. Let us know what you think were the exciting local websites of the year.

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